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Loading SmartView...

I run a R80.10 MDS and two R80.10 SmartEvent servers. When I go to the Logs & Monitor Pages in SmartConsole (MDS level) and open a New Tab all I get is Loading SmartView...

Opening the same page from any domain works fine, also the predefined General Overview Tab loads fine.

Also tried opening the webpage version and there in Chrome and Firefox the pages load but I cannot switch between the tabs.

Anybody seen similar behaviour?

Regards, Maarten
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Re: Loading SmartView...

It is even worse, even in all domains we get the same, tried sk130632 which describes a way to remove a corrupted DB. This does not help either.

Is there anyone who knows if there are any consequences to rebooting a SmartEvent server without restarting the MDS? or the other way around?

Regards, Maarten

Re: Loading SmartView...

It should be okay to reboot the SmartEvent server without restarting the MDS.

SmartEvent should resume indexing logs where it left off.

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Re: Loading SmartView...

In my experience, depending on log volume, a reboot works and comes back on it's own, does DB cleanup and re-indexes without issue (R80.10 take 462, Smart-1 3050, 2.6.18-92cpx86_64, 64-bit, maxed RAM) within 24 hours.

Sometimes full reporting fidelity can take more time. I'm fully expecting performance improvements including less rebooting (currently goes between 30-60 days before needing one) with future updates. We started with pre release versions of SmartEvent. In the short time (relative to the timeline and evolution of Windows ) I've been working with the system and tools, have found it to be invaluable, and evolving rapidly in the right direction. 

Re: Loading SmartView...

The reboot of the SmartEvent server only was causing these type of problems. When I rebooted the SE servers again and after that also the MDS it all came back to normal again.

Before the reboot it was so bad that it would show Loading Smartview on the new tab in the MDS level and also on all of the domains.

Regards, Maarten