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How can i print "Destination DNS Hostname" on an automatic reaction Mail

Hello Checkmates,


I am looking for show the field "Destination DNS Hostname" in the email which Smartevent sends as an automatic reaction.

The field is the one on the image.

Is there any way to do this?























Also i have other question regarding this post.

Is there any kibnd of documentation about Smartevent's event fields?


Thanks and regards

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I don't believe the relevant field you're asking for is an Event Field.
The Event Field corresponds to specific log entries, most of which seem self-explanatory to me.
Is there a specific one you're interested in?
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I am interested in what is the output of the available fields to show in smartevent, and if there is a catalog in the documentation with all available events and their corresponding information output. Originally my question is if there is a field like the forensic one that I point out in the first image.

Thank you

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