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Generate all Incident Report on SmartEvent

Hello CheckMates,

I got an inquiry from my client that they need to generate all Incidents category as hight light in the below figure. The default reports it summy only 11,636 Hight and Critical Incidents it doesn't show another of 30,846 Incidents which are Medium or Low Incidents. So, is there a place that we can see all Incident (not only High and Critical Incidents)?



Thank you!



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Re: Generate all Incident Report on SmartEvent

SmartEvent in R77.x only allows for minimal customization of reports.
SmartEvent R80.x offers some more customization options.
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Re: Generate all Incident Report on SmartEvent

Hello PhoneBoy,

Thanks for your responded. And besides to customize this report, anywhere else on SmartEvent that I can generate the summary of these incidents (30,846). Not only 11,636  of high and critical of the Incident.


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