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DLP error in R77.30

Hi everyone,

For no reason whatsoever, there seems to be DLP error popping out at firewall having Gaia OS R77.30. DLP blade is enabled and valid license for DLP is also shown in the usercenter account too. Also we have updated contracts from usercenter but to no avail. Error screenshot is attached herewith.

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Re: DLP error in R77.30

Have you confirmed on the CLI that the contracts are active?

cplic print

Re: DLP error in R77.30

From expert run "contract_util mgmt" after you have updated the contracts in SmartUpdate, this step will have the gateway update the information from the management server.

If that also does not help, wait a day and check again.

I see these type of problems every time when contract renewal is done and we run across the renewal date, the first couple of weeks we get numerous problems reported like this one.

Regards, Maarten

Re: DLP error in R77.30

Yes I will try this one.

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Re: DLP error in R77.30

Thanks Maarten,

It worked.