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Clarification on Monitor Software Blade

Hi im just curious about the Monitor Software blade of CP is it included on any license bundles linke NGFW, NGTP & NGTX? Or do i need to purchase separate license for it? So that i can use smartview monitor

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Re: Clarification on Monitor Software Blade

The Monitoring blade is part of all current Management bundles for Open Servers and Smart-1 Management Appliances.

It is also available as a separate license, in case it's not included in your older Management bundle.

The SKU is CPSB-MNTR. For more details see Check Point's License Guide.


When separately attached to the Blade Container of your Management Server, it should be looking similar to this:


Re: Clarification on Monitor Software Blade

To clarify, it's a Management (not gateway) blade.

It should be included in the current NGSM bundles but it may not be included in older bundles.

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