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CP Firewall Health Checkup Tool (Tools name added)

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Dear Team,

I need to know is there any alternative tool for checking the Firewall Health for both R77.30 or R80.

1. CPSizeme (sk88160)

2. (sk121447)

3. CPView Utility (sk101878)

4. Common Check Point Commands (ccc)(Link:-Common Check Point Commands (ccc))

5. Indeni (Link:-Check Point Solution | Indeni )

Please suggest me if you know any alternate tool.

Based on the comments I update that tool name on the list.

Thank you 

#Chinmaya Naik
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Thank you Sir

Yes, I forget to mention.

#Chinmaya Naik

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Chinmaya Naik‌, you forgot to mention, that you are a Network Security Engineer at QOS Technology, the developer of the FWHealth tool you linked to. Why didn't you link to all the other resources you mentioned?

Looks like an advertisement for your product to me.

Hii Danny Sir,

Sorry, it's not an advertisement, I try to make all this tool information in one place.

Also, Yes I am the employe of QOS technology and I am not the developer of this tool if you still think then I am going to remove the tool name on this post.

Thank You

#Chinmaya Naik


I didn't say that you developed the tool. I wrote that QOS Technology developed it. Since you are an employee of QOS Technology you are affiliated and you should mentioned that. Furthermore the only link you created was for your employer's tool. So your post looks like an unannounced ad on Thanksgiving day.

Ohh I am not aware that today is Thanksgiving day.Smiley Happy  because I am from INDIA.Smiley Happy

Ok, thanks for the comment in future I will mention the all details if it's our organization product.


And Sir your ccc tool is amazing. 

Thank You 

#Chinmaya Naik


How to run CCC tool



Suhas Bhoir

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