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Bandiwthmonitoring with SNMP

Hi folks,

I try to monitor the current bandwith (MBit/s) for on specific interface via SNMP.. does anybody know the OID which I can use for that... 


shows me something about the interface - but which exact IOD have I to you to get the MBit/s value?



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Re: Bandiwthmonitoring with SNMP

Hi Robert, check the sk98552. Download the PDF and at page 19 you have the available network counters, with its OIDs and a quick description of each of them.

Hope it helped.

Re: Bandiwthmonitoring with SNMP

Yes - but... the values are "Accepted bytes throughput" and I think for all interfaces... and on the next page - Bytes since last reboot.. both are not really useful.. what I need is the value which I can find in the cpview

Network->Interfaces-Traffic "Mbps" value..


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Re: Bandiwthmonitoring with SNMP

Oh I see, I also can't find the corresponding OIDf that matches the Mbps column in CPView.

I'm pretty sure CPView came down the Mbps values using the PPS (packets per second) and Mbits values.

But (and here's the catch) the PPS value depends on how the gateway is configured for packet inspection (maybe if it's an appliance involved you can check out DPI throughput in the specs sheets and get to a sloppy approximation).

Roughly we can say, as an example:

For 2000 PPS and using the default MTU size (1500 bytes), is 3000000 Bytes/sec (2000*1500*8), which is equivalent to 24000000 bits/sec (24 Mbps).

But I believe we've another catch here: the packet size I used (the default MTU size), and as it depends to the inspection done by the gateway, in real life scenario it should be never close to 1500 bytes.

Maybe some CP guy here involved in CPView development could tell us how the Mbps calculation is done.

Re: Bandiwthmonitoring with SNMP

Correct - but the point is, that I can't tell the monitoring tool to start calculations.. I think it should be possible to get the values of the cpview tool..