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Alert on every console login


Is there the option that give alert to the admin via mail on every smart console  login done by different users. I found sk related to the alert on policy installation but not able find documentation regarding this type of alert.


Sagar Manandhar

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Re: Alert on every console login

As I recall, the Policy Installation alert can come from SmartEvent.

There is an alert that can be sent for unusual login times there as well:

I guess you could create a time similar to the following:

Of course, that leaves a single minute in a week where if someone logs in, you won't get an alert Smiley Happy


Re: Alert on every console login

You can try setting Alert instead of Log on a Security Rule that allows administrative access to the firewall, of course it will alert each time there is a match to this rule regardless whether admin actually logged in.

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Re: Alert on every console login

You could simply create a startup script that checks the last logins and sends an email if new logins are logged.


while `sleep 60`; do last | tail -n 1 | check if login is within last minute, if yes, send email done