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Ransomware like Bad Rabbit Can Be Prevented

Every 40 seconds another company is hit by ransomware. When you hear the word ransom, you are probably imagining magazine letter clippings in a note, much like the Joker from Batman. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are less action-packed and more maliciously debilitating than what you see in the movies. The destructive potential of ransomware is making headway to a PC or mobile device near you.


Ransomware is now a commonly used tool, typically carried out using Trojans disguised as legitimate files, where users are bamboozled into downloading or opening a file. In the case of WannaCry and NotPetya infections, a worm was used between computers without the user directly opening a malicious file.


Despite what you might think, you can protect yourself from being infected by ransomware. Being a victim is optional, not predetermined. Despite its destructive potential, you can still prevent an infection with Anti-Ransomware solutions.

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