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IOC import


I have tried to import IoC downloaded from IBM xforce exchange web site in order to prevent some malicious activities, but if had failed. I'm using stix format (example file is attached). I receive following error:

Our management is on 80.20 version.

Any idea what couses the problem?

Kind regards,


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Re: IOC import

Is it the R80.20 EA or R80.20.M1?

Anyway, the errors seem to be somewhat obvious:

  • Several fields in the XML file aren't supported by us--those are ignored.
  • Since confidence, severity, and product aren't included in this XML (which we use), we specify defaults.
  • From this file, it seems we cannot determine the IOCs, or it's not in the format we expect.

Assuming it's R80.20.M1, I would open a TAC case.

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Re: IOC import

Thank you, Dameon. I saw that some filds were not supported. But was confused where is the exact problem, because they file should be standardized. 

We will open the case.