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URL Recategorisation


Is it just me or does submitting URL recategorisation requests seem to be taking longer and longer?

It's not something I do a lot of but I've got one open now at a lengthy 14 days and typically find they take at least 3 days to be acted on, even ones reporting malicious or spam sites. In my opinion these should jump right in as a priority ticket for investigation and ha ve a response time of hours not days!

How do other peoples experiences fare?



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Re: URL Recategorisation

Recent experience has been odd, we are no longer receiving follow up emails when a URL has finally been re-categorized so we have no idea how long it is taking. Part of the delay definitely comes from the fact that the URL filtering categories are done by a 3rd party - 

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Re: URL Recategorisation

Can you send me the relevant TAC SRs in a PM?

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