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Threat Extraction for HTTP traffic

How to implement threat extraction for http & https traffic ? What all configuration changes are required ?

Is it mandatory to have endpoint license to use this feature ?

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Re: Threat Extraction for HTTP traffic

Hello for now Sandblast Agent for browser has that feature. As far as I know the new version of the sandblast blades will have that feature . 

Check Point SandBlast Agent for Browsers 

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Re: Threat Extraction for HTTP traffic

We actually cover this in a TechTalk: TechTalk: Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices

This can be enabled in the network.

For HTTPS you also have to enable HTTPS Inspection, which is discussed in several threads here. 

This does require deploying certificates on the desktop clients.

It may be easier (and provide better experience) to use SandBlast Agent on the Endpoints, though, as this does not require HTTPS Inspection to be deployed.