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Original Files - restoring to new gateway


I have an R77.30 gateway running TEX, with the gateway configured as an MTA.  When a mail is cleaned the original mail is stored on the gateway.

I need to install bigger HDD's in the gateway, so it'll need a fresh install.  I want to take that opportunity to upgrade to R80.x at the same time.

Is it simply a case of copying the files off the current R77.30 disk, then copying back to the newly rebuilt R80.x disk, or is there some kind of index that needs to be rebuilt on the new server for users to be able to click their link to access the original file again?




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Re: Original Files - restoring to new gateway

Seems reasonable that you could just copy the files over and that an index might be in the same directory, but I'm not sure where the directory would be to validate that.

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