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Log collection failure - Algosec - Checkpoint

I have 2 GWs on R80.10 , VSX configured as an HA .. these are integrated with Algosec via OPSEC.

It has 2 VS - Default VS0 and another VS1..

In Algosec i can see log collection success with VS0 but log collection fails with VS1.... i have checked the algosec side and everything seems fine there . i suspect VS1 is not sending logs to algosec properly .. how can i verify this ? 



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Re: Log collection failure - Algosec - Checkpoint

There should be a continuous TCP connection between VS1 and your Algosec instance similar to the one that exists for VS0, originating from Algosec.
That said, the preferred mechanism to do this is Log Exporter versus OPSEC LEA.
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