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Firewall IPS and Check Point protocol


I am trying to Optimize my VSX firewall. One thing I am looking at is SecureXL. At the moment only 2% of the traffic is accelerated and 86% is Medium Path.

We are running R80.10 and have IPS on and URL filtering on, on this particular VS, but nothing else.

I noticed in CPView that TCP:Check Point is going through PXL. 

I have created a profile to try and stop this In the Threat Prevention policy, but it does not seem to have made any difference.

Could someone let me know the best way of stopping this traffic going through IPS and if that is possible?


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Re: Firewall IPS and Check Point protocol

It is a pity that you did not mention your CP version - for R80.10, you can find the procedure in

Threat Prevention Administration Guide R80.10 p.59ff ! But PXL is just alright as connections passing thru TP blades can not be fully accelerated.


Re: Firewall IPS and Check Point protocol

What have you done with regards to URL Filtering, which also uses Medium Path?