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Domain based IPS exception

Hello, could not find a solution for this. Some users need SSH access with a random port range to a domain based object. Reason is that domain can exist of 200+ IP addresses so domain object makes sense.  From a firewall perspective this works fine. But IPS SSH over Non Standard Ports protection is blocking the connection as it should. However, when I want to make an exception it does not allow the domain object as Destination. Is this indeed a limitation ? That would not make my very happy. Or is there another solution where I don't have to make an exception for Internet or configure all 200 IP addresses (which can change on regular basis)

We are running R80.10 on gateways and R80.20 on Management server.

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Why not make the exception with source user group instead ?

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That would still mean that for this user group a total exception for this protection ? I prefer to narrow it down so they can ssh to this specific domain on higher ports but not to other environments. So preferably user group as source, domain as destination 

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Domain objects can only be used in the Access Control policy layers.  They cannot be used in Threat Prevention which includes exceptions.  It is possible to force a domain object into a TP policy via the SmartConsole by creating a brand new one right in the cell of a TP rule/exception, but then this happens:  sk122295: Threat Prevention blades cause problems when the domain object is defined


sk124852: Can Domain Objects be used in Geo Protection exceptions?


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