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Browser getting Struck randomly when access internal http application running on port 91

Hi Experts,


my Network Topology is 

Clients <-->Checkpoint (no nat) <-->Cyberoam(IPSEC) <----ISP-----> Cyberoam(IPSEC) <-->Checkpoint (no nat)<--> Server(port http:91)

Recently Installed Client Side Checkpoint-1430 locally managed. after i installed this firewall . Clients Browser getting stuck on application page randomly. when i captured packet LAN and WAN side on Checkpoint,

there is no packet missing but still we are getting this issue. Same issue in Two places.i i reduce the no of client it is working fine but when clients are increasing approximately more the 4 clients, browser getting hang.

When i replace checkpoint with layer3 switch. it is working fine .


Please help me in this issue




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How do you have the service for TCP/91 created in your Management? Under the "General" section is the Protocol type set to "None"? 

Edit: Also, how is your rule written? Does the rule explicitly reference the TCP/91 service? Or is it being matched by an ANY rule?

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