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How-To Videos
inside How-To Videos 5 hours ago
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Oracle Cloud Cluster Deployment

This is a series of videos on how to deploy a CloudGuard IaaS cluster in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based on sk142872.   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)   (view in My Videos)
inside How-To Videos 2 weeks ago
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Compliance blade overview and how to get some more out of SmartEvent

In this recording from a lecture I and Kai had with several customers you will get a quick compliance blade overview and learn how to get some more out of SmartEvent Content Compliance Blade overview Why do I need SmartEvent? How do I use SmartEvent (view in My Videos)  
dmissai inside How-To Videos 2019-10-17
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 Hi  CheckPoint Masters, Do we have a continuation guide for this Lab? we get one it will real help beginner on more learning.  
sameerm inside How-To Videos 2019-10-04
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Can traffic logs(fw.log) can directly be sent to SIEM from firewall, running on R80.20

Hi Team,We're looking forward to offload our MDS/MLM by sending traffic logs directly from firewall to SIEM solutions.Can log exporter directly send traffic logs(fw.log) from firewall to SIEM ? Firewalls and MDS/MLM are running on R80.20 with latest take.SIEM solution is QRadar. ThanksSameer 
inside How-To Videos 2019-10-01
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R80.20 Identity Tags and Updatable Objects

This video elaborates on one the most important aspects of the Check Point Infinity architecture which is the dynamic, unified characteristics of a policy.legacy Static policy means ticketing, many install policy operations and inherent discrepancies within the policy will ruin our operational efficiency.However, by solving these challenges with a Dynamic approach – the security operations engineers only need to design a single policy rule for each scenario that will seamlessly control all operational aspects of an enterprise, while keeping access changes strict, yet adaptive.  Enjoy
inside How-To Videos 2019-08-22
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R80.20 Log Exporter Feature

This video elaborate on Check Point's R80.20 log exporter feature, introducing an easy and secure method for exporting Check Point logs to 3rd party SIEM applications, using various protocols (like TCP or UDP) and formats (like syslog, CEF, or LEEF)
inside How-To Videos 2019-07-05
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Integrating Check Point identity based access into Cisco ISE environments - video

In this video you will learn about the design principals integrating Check Point into Cisco ISE environments. The video takes less than 15 minutes.  Make sure you know the basic concepts of identity based access control documented here.  Content Reviewing the basic concepts for identity based security Overview of the integration to Cisco ISE controlled environments Understanding the advantages of Access Role objects Importing SGT objects from Cisco ISE using CloudGuard Controller Scale identity sharing Have fun 🙂 (view in My Videos)
inside How-To Videos 2019-06-17
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Understanding Malware DNA – The Classification of Malware Families

key part of understanding detected malware, its potential to damage and remediation steps is its classification to a malware family. For more information visit, This brand new release includes a new machine learning engine that improves this classification so it is more accurate and fast. Malware DNA, Part of Check Point's SandBlast Network Zero Day Protection includes : • Artificial Intelligence based Malware code decomposition • Insights into malware ancestry • Zero-day malware detection & classification
inside How-To Videos 2019-06-17
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Check Point Threat Extraction for Web Technology

Threat Prevention protects users from malicious web downloads in real-time! Threat Extraction removes exploitable content, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats and promptly delivers the clean content to the user. This is thanks to the fastest threat emulation engines for secure delivery of files. Check Point Releases R80.30 with 100 New Features Delivering More Protection against Malicious Downloads and Websites. Read more : For more information :
inside How-To Videos 2019-06-17
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Check Point Cyber Security Collaborates with Splunk for Cyber Threat Protection

  Cyber security with R80.20 offers a revolutionary way to investigate and analyze threats quickly. Now integrating with Splunk SIEM Platform, we have developed several cyber security dashboards that map the security incidents into a true threat landscape of the customer’s organization with actionable insights. Go to The splunk base app store (splunkbase.splunk/app/4293) and download the Check Point app here:
inside How-To Videos 2019-04-17
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Use of Private ThreatCloud behind Load Balancer

I recently had a POC where we were required to demonstrate an HA configuration of the Private ThreatCloud in which traffic and failover was controlled by a pair of load balancers.    In this POC, the requirement was that devices in a specific site should only talk with the PTC within their site unless it went down then the load balancer would redirect the PTC requests to a PTC in a different site.   I wanted to share a video that highlights the configuration and performs a couple of tests of adding gateways to the PTC in addition to simulating a failover.  (view in My Videos)
inside How-To Videos 2019-04-11
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LightBoard Series - Maestro - Security of hyperscale (technical deep dive)

Maestro’s architecture is designed to secure networks both large and small, by orchestrating multiple security gateways into one unified security system. It allows our customers to seamlessly increase their security solutions, on the fly with security of Hyperscale – on demand expansion for gateways of all sizes. It brings operational supremacy with new options for organizations to architect and manage their cyber security platforms, But what's really exciting is the Cloud-level resiliency, This is the only unified security system that is reliable, super resilient and cost-efficient. Something that up until now was only available to telco’s and very institutions – but at Check Point we never stop innovating and we now are bringing Hyperscale network security to you!
inside How-To Videos 2019-01-24
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Endpoint Management as a Service Overview (EA Release)

This video elaborates on Check Point’s new Management as a Service capability of the Endpoint Management (still in EA)Enjoy
inside How-To Videos 2019-01-07
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CloudGuard Deployment and Agile Capabilities

At Check Point, we believe that security needs to support these dynamic environments and bring DevOps and Security Together for Better and Safer Business Outcomes. That is why we support many automation and ease of use capabilities. For example, for Fast Deployments, You can do single-click deployments of CloudGuard from the AWS,Azure, and Google Cloud Marketplaces, Use our library of automated AWS CloudFormation templatesand Azure ARM template to simplify the deployment of various configurations such as Security Management Servers,single CloudGuard gateways, clusters, and scale sets. Or use our Quick Start to deploy an Auto Scaling group of CloudGuard Security Gateways to protect a web service. All of these tools will help you to quickly get started with Check Point CloudGuard.
inside How-To Videos 2019-01-07
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Check Point Infinity Talks: R80.20 log enhancements

This video elaborates on Check Point’s new log analytics in SmartView. One of the challenges related to threats analyses is the ability to digest a large quantity of logs related to security incidents.  Our second challenge is a more common approach taken by leading vendors i.e. generating a security event only by the technology that identifies and handles the threats. Check Point’s SmartView is addressing these challenges with an advanced aggregation technology and a rich granular visualization of the data. This new capability is changing the focus from a blade-centric approach into an attack-vector approach. Enjoy