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CloudGuard for AWS- Enterprise Scale Deployment - Deep Dive (TechTalk)

Hi All, 

In this Deep Dive webinar, I will walk you through the process of building a secure enterprise scalable topology protected by CloudGuard IaaS. I will take you step-by-step through the deployment and configuration process on both AWS and Check Point platforms.


  1. The webinar diagram is available via this link.
  2. Webinar Q&A are available via this link.
  3. CloudGuard AutoScaling for AWS deployment guide is accessible via this link.
  4. Transit Gateway Cross Availability Zone Cluster deployment guide is available via this link.
  5. TGW Cross Availability Zone Cluster – additional configuration required to read here.
  6. Cloud Management Extension (CME) available via this link.

           (** CME is relevant only for CloudGuard AutoScaling deployments)

  1. CloudGuard Controller Admin Guide is available via this link.
  2. CloudGuard Template list is available via this link.


-Shay Levin

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Would there be a webinar for a deep dive in GCP also, any time soon ?

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