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According to sk33285, fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing means the following:

"Enables cluster hide for dynamic routing protocols. Changing this variable also changes 'fwconn_override_dynamic_routing_collision'."

I am currently struggling to find more documentation on what 'cluster hide' means in real terms however and scenarios of when this parameter would be modified. 

Could someone share with me examples and use cases of the above please?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing

Cluster Hide generally means originating traffic from the cluster IP rather than the gateway IP.
One area where you would need to do that is when you only have one public IP and your gateway IPs are private.
I believe it also improves failover with dynamic routing protocols.

It would help to know what problem you’re actually trying to solve.

Re: fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing

Thanks for the answer. I am not trying to resolve a particular problem, I mainly asked for educational purposes.

Global kernel parameters are generally quite cryptic and documenting them in greater detail along with use cases would help tremendously.

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Re: fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing

Hi @PhoneBoy 

Do this mean that if I only have 1 public IP address available I can still setup a cluster on site using ClusterXL?

That's very interesting and something I would use on other sites in our organisation.

Do you know the fwkern function fwha_cluster_hide_active_only=1 means?

Does this go in hand with fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing or a different function and setting?



Best Regards
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Re: fwx_cluster_hide_for_dynamic_routing

Have a look at the ClusterXL Administration Guide of your version, search for "Example of Cluster IP Addresses on Different Subnets" and sk32073.

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