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Have a question and you can't figure out where to post about it after reading All Products and Where to Post About Them? Post it here!

aner_sagi inside General Topics 2m ago
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Smartcenter gaia on nutanix ?

Hi All,A new customer of mine want to move his R80.10 smartcenter (currently on Hyper-V) to it supported ?Thanks in advanceAner
Albert_Wilkes inside General Topics 6m ago
views 269 13

interaction between VRRP and CXL - why is there a tickbox for ClusterXL when the cluster is VRRP

There is a good deal of posts on the difference between VRRP and CXL in this community but they are contrasting one against the other.I stumbled over the question of the interaction between the two: The question arose …whether or not to tick the ClusterXL check box for VRRP deployment and …what bene...
inside General Topics 42m ago
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New updatable object for HTTPS Inspection: HTTPS Services Bypass

We are glad to share a new usability enhancement for our HTTPS Inspection customers.Starting from R80.40, HTTPS Inspection customers will be able to consolidate their certificate pinned apps rules using managed updatable objects. We've collected a list of HTTPS services which are known to be used in...
inside General Topics 3 hours ago
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SecureKnowledge News Flash - No "Advanced" and "Expert" access levels anymore

As most of you know, SecureKnowledge articles used to have several access levels: General, Advanced, Expert and Internal.Starting from yesterday, there are only two access levels: Internal and external! This means that all external users (logged in with their User Center credentials) will be able to...
Jacques_Spelier inside General Topics 4 hours ago
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How can I setup a primary and backup S2S VPN tunnels

Scenario:      1 local Checkpoint R80.10 gateway cluster (site L1) need to establish a primary site to site tunnel to remote Fortinet gateway (site R1) having HostA and HostB. A secondary remote site (R2) exists housing HostC sync'ed from R1 HostA. There is "link" between R1 and R2 managed by the Ve...
Danny inside General Topics 4 hours ago
views 1395 17 8

Check Point R80.40 has been released!

Release Date and Take  January 2020, Take 394 Release Home page  sk160736 (Release Notes) Additional Links R80.40 Resolved Issues | R80.40 Known Limitations | Releases Terminology | Release Map | Upgrade Map Downloads SmartConsole R80.40 (Portable) | R80.40 Clean Install .iso | R80.40 Insta...
MattDunn inside General Topics 4 hours ago
views 19

Internal CA Query

While I was on holiday last week (so I didn't check anything at the time) a customer gateway had the internal CA expire.  At that time, the site-to-site VPN to a managed gateway dropped, and remote access clients also had problems connecting.Apparently, without doing anything (without renewing the i...
Nagesh_Aithal inside General Topics 6 hours ago
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CVE-2000-0649 Vulnerability

Hi,  Recently we are getting the below vulnerability in our environment, which is running on code R80.10. I guess this vulnerability is pretty old.  CVE-2000-0649 - Web Server HTTP Header Internal IP Disclosure. Did anyone had the similar behavior ?  Regards,Vengatesh SR    
GGiorgakis inside General Topics 7 hours ago
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spike monitor tool

Hello Guys , Any idea about spike monitor tool and link to download it ?
kb1 inside General Topics Saturday
views 97 4

Can anyone tell me how to unblock a website

So my team got assigned a service request from someone who is not able to access a website, I'm assuming the checkpoint firewall is blocking it or it could something else maybe a bluecoat or something that we use in our company that is blocking it, but if it really is the checkpoint that is blocking...
stuart2020 inside General Topics Saturday
views 189 5

Checkpooint R77.30 High CPU Slow Performance

We have been experiencing intermittent performance issues that causes connectivity through the firewall to run slow. This particularly impacts accessing systems over Site 2 Site VPNs and Remote Access VPN. We are running CheckPoint 15400 R77.30 in ClusterXL active / standby. The firewall has IPSec V...
Gaurav_Pandya inside General Topics Friday
views 220 5

Renew external (3rd party) certificate for IPSEC VPN

Hi, I want to renew external certificate in IPSEC VPN TAB as it will expire soon. I have gone thru some docs and came to know that, In a typical SSL configuration, you receive all the necessary certificates after you generate the CSR Code and your CA validates your request. After the CA signs an SSL...
chimda inside General Topics Friday
views 74 1

error 27559 no blades were selected

sir I downloaded checkpoint version 82.10 as adviced for window 10 version 10.0.18200.but it popped up error 27559 no blades were selected.I need someone to tell me how to install the software.attach is the error message.
Theo inside General Topics Friday
views 106 2

Endpoint Security- Failed to create new site Reason: Site is not responding

Location: ChinaSecurity Gateway: Standalone/ CheckPoint 2200 Appliance/ R80.30Problem: Unable to create site in Endpoint SecurityAction: Verified and compared the settings of gateway object from other working sites with VPN Clients Please refer to settings of my VPN Clients
Theo inside General Topics Thursday
views 118 2

Access Server from Branch office using Remote Access

VPN Community type: StarHQ1- Center gateway/ Check Point 2200/ R80.30Branch1- Satellite gateway/ Check Point 1100/ R77.20VPN Routing- To center and to other satellites through centerBranch1 Policy Rule- RA range added to access the server over port 8069 VPN client was able to connect to HQ1 gateway,...