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SKs of the week


I subscribed to the RSS-Feed of SecureKnowledge. So I get a message in my stream for every new or changed SK entry.

This turns out to be very interesting for me and I am compiling a "best of" every week for my colleagues (as it is too much traffic for most people).

Would it be of interest to the community if I post my summary also here?

Example (from April 8th):

Backup Best Practices:

R80.30 gateways managed by R80.20:

R80.20 Management has problems with NTP-Pools

MTBF times for Check Point Appliances

SNMP-Monitoring of Gaia

Check Point Gateway AV has an "aggressive mode"

Suspicious Mail Outbreaks engine

How to make a secondary management the primary Management

Sincerely yours,


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Re: SKs of the week

Thanks. I'm also subscribed to all RSS feeds of Check Point.

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Re: SKs of the week

I see it is working for you, @Martin_Seeger 

Thanks for stopping by the booth today 🙂

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