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Reminder for R80.20/30 End-of-Support on 30/9/2022

This is to remind all that R80.20 and R80.30 End-of-Support is around the corner and will take place on Sept 30th, 2022.

We strongly recommend you to upgrade all existing platforms with R80.20/30 to the latest default recommended release R81.10, which would provide you with additional value

-              Autonomous threat prevention

-              Security policies are installed in seconds

-              +50% in log server performance & Dynamic log server distribution

-              Native support for TLS1.3 for HTTPs inspection

-              Maestro Hyperscale mix-and-match to leverage different Quantum, gateways at the same security group

-              Significant time reduction in completing day to day tasks on the management

-              Dynamic balancing to achieve optimized performance

-              Additional APIs support


Please contact me in any related question or query



Yaron Weiler

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Hi Yaron,


I have some question about upgrading to version R81.10

1. If customer currently installed R80.20 take 101, can i upgrade directly to R81.10? or i should upgrade to R80.40 firstly and then the second upgrade directly to R81.10.

2. whether if I upgrade management first, from R80.20 take 101 to R81.10 and then I use central deployment from SmartConsole to upgrade another cluster gateway. is this method recommended?

3. is this recommended, if i upgrade version of Check Point done by remote, and doesn't need to access directly appliance? or i need access directly to appliance.


Thanks Regards 

Dio Aditya P

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Hi Aditya,

Let me try to answer the questions.

1) AFAIK, from R80.20 you need to upgrade to R80.40 first before you can go to R81.10.

You can use the upgrade wizard at to check.

2) Yes, you are right. You need to update the Management Server first.

3) You can do a remote and upgrade the OS. 

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