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R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Logical Packet Flow)


This document describes the packet flow (partly also connection flows) in a Check Point R80.10 and above with SecureXL and CoreXL, Content Inspection, Stateful inspection, network and port address translation (NAT), MultiCore Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions and forwarding are applied per-packet on the inbound and outbound interfaces of the device. There should be an overview of the basic technologies of a Check Point Firewall. We have also reworked the document several times with Check Point, so that it is now finally available.


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Flowchart basic


What's new in R80.10 and above

R80.10 and above offer many technical innovations regarding R77. I will look at the following in this article:
- new fw monitor inspection points for VPN (e and E)
- new MultiCore VPN

- UP Manager
- Content Awareness (CTNT)

R80.20 and above:
- Secu

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