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Policy from a Gateway to a new Management Server

Hello Checkpoint Experts,


I need some direction on the following issue:

We have had to rebuild our Security Management Server because the VM was accidentally deleted, and guess what, with no backup of the Management Server so, it cannot be restored.


We are in the process of building the new management server now and I am wondering how can i get the Policies which are currently active on the Gateways back on the management server.

Please advise. Note: the Gateways are in production and are working fine at the moment.



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What is on the gateways is a "compiled" version of the policy.
It's located in $FWDIR/state/local/FW1 across various files and may not contain all the information you need to restore the policy to the manager.
The data will require some level of conversion, especially if your management is R80.x.
We do not have customer-facing tools that do this conversion, but Check Point Professional Services can assist.

Bottom line: You should be making regular backups of your management.
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