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Nutanix Flow


Is there anyone running Nutanix Flow and have it integrated with check point?
Its listed as opsec partner but there is no solution brief,

"Not only have physical networking vendors embraced the Nutanix vision, but major firewall vendors have joined as well to bring enhanced inspection that compliments Flow microsegmentation. Firewall VMs from CheckPoint, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, and more are certified to run on Nutanix AHV with Flow traffic redirection for additional traffic inspection and threat detection."
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HI All,

Nutanix Flow at this point is not supported by us.
We do support a qcow2 image that can be used on Nutanix as appears on our HCL. (Virtual Machines Section)

If there is a special request for this feature please let me know.



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Thanks for the reply,

We are looking on Nutanix and would like the have similar integration as NSX for building firewall rule bases in check point with dynamic objects. If this is on the roadmap or a special release for it, it could be very interesting for us.
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