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IP "range" question

We currently have a cluster at a vendor's NOC where they're responsible for assigning subnets and advertising to us via BGP - the subnets are always in /8 and the second and third octets are based on predefined criteria. For instance, we open a new location, they put boots on the ground to install their gear, assign the subnet and advertise it, backhaul that traffic to their NOC via their s2s vpn and handoff to our cluster where we route it back privately, or allow to the internet.

So, in our rulebases, all of these locations are identified by one network object (, we treat all the same, and our inside <-> inside rules allow very limited access to these locations. At any given time, there’s about 250 of these locations active.

We now are going to do our own s2s with a partner and need to provide them access to a range of IPs in every location. I need to create a rule/object for 10.x.x.150 – 10.x.x.170 with the “x” being anything from 1-254.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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That is the common Address Range Object in Dashboard - you define start and end IP to cover the range.

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