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I have problem with login checkpoint r77.30 webui and dashboard

I just recently install checkpoint r77.30 in standalone VM from the backup files. I can access my cli and it shows previous configuration yet i can't access webui and smart dashboard. 

1. I reboot the machine and just for 5 -10 seconds i can access webui and after that it goes off. i can't ping 

2. i tried with different vlan network and yet while i reboot i can access for 5-10 minutes then it goes 

What could be the possible problem. Have you face that problem before or do you have any idea about it.

Help me Please, i need to extract that previous file

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This should go in General Product Topics‌.

Was your management appropriately licensed when you did the backup?

Does your VM have the same IP address as the original?

If not, you probably don't have a license and, as a result, the product is blocking all traffic.

Apply an appropriate evaluation license.

Refer to: How to Request an Evaluation License

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Thanks. Dameon.

Yes. IP address is the same.

I will try to apply for eval license and try it out again one more time.

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Try running fw unloadlocal and see if that allows you to access the web interface again.  Sounds like something was not set up properly and the derived IntitialPolicy is blocking you.

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