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Bandwidth is reduced when sending large email traffic

Hello friends,

I have checkpoint firewall R80.10 topology like this:

MailServer--------->Firewall---------->Router internet---->outside

we send marketing-mail from Server to 100k-300k email addresses on the internet.

I measure bandwith and I see that:

- incomming bw from Server to Firewall is about 50Mbps

- But the outgoing bandwith from firewall to Router internet is reduced to only 10 Mbps.

So firewall is reducing throughput from 50Mbps to 10Mbps. But I dont know why.

Here is log . Pls anyone could explain me? Thank you!


log mail.png


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Which hardware are you using?
What is the spec of the internet connection, I would check with your provider and I don't know if you send the mails direct or send them via a mail relay host of your provider? This could well be a throtteling that your provider does.
Regards, Maarten
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Hi Maarten,

My harware is 5600 cluster, my internet connection is lease line (100Mbps in national, 5Mpbs to international)

We send email directly from Mailserver to the targets on the internet.

I'm using PRTG to measure bandwidth as mentioned, Could you give some commands to check bandwidth usage directly on firewall? (I'm quite new in checkpoint firewall)






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The hardware is certainly not the issue here. A 5600 should do just fine with 200Mb with all possible checks turned on.

On the command line you can use cpview, this tool will show you very much performance related information, all real time.
Also in the Smartconsole you can see counters when you enable Monitoring on the gateway object.
Once that is enabled, go to the Gateways & servers view in SmartConsole, select the gateway, then in the botom left part of the window click on Device & License information. A new window will pop-up where you can then choose Traffic, select the top interfaces to see what's going in/out.
Regards, Maarten
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