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vsx_util reconfigure wishlist

Dear Checkpoint, can I put this on my Xmas wishlist - can you please add selection of 32/64bit VS mode selection into vsx_util reconfigure process? The one that's set by vs_bits command. It's so easy to forget/overlook that. By default it will use 32 bit even your GAIA is running 64. So if you had a major failure on one of the boxes in the cluster or doing HW upgrade and you are running 64bit VSes, you will fail miserably if you forget to run vs_bits command after vsx_util reconfigure. Cluster won't work of course. We had to learn it hard way but it's easily avoidable. Thanks Santa!

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Re: vsx_util reconfigure wishlist

Tomer Sole‌ - hi Tomer, I realize it's not your role but maybe you can pass the message to right people. I actually went through pain of full text search through all R80.10 library and User Center - there is only one(!!) hit if you try to find command vs_bits... That's in VSX admin guide. That's all. Nothing in upgrade guides nor SKs. So in one year or so when people have changed to 64bit VS systems and start upgrading HW (as we did), there is a high chance that some will forget to set 64 bits correctly as no upgrade document mentions it in conjunction with vsx_util reconfigure and it will be leaving some unhappy faces around as a result. Just trying to raise awareness Smiley Happy


Re: vsx_util reconfigure wishlist

That would be a nice addition - if it helps though, 64-bit VS is the default configuration in R80.20 onwards. So hopefully next time you'll be covered. Smiley Happy

Re: vsx_util reconfigure wishlist

Yeah, we will hold off with R80.20 as we were ones that rushed to R80 early (that is before R80.10) so I want some peace for a foreseeable future Smiley Happy

Still, this is just trying to protect others from silly rollbacks..

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