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questions about converting from traditional mode to simplified mode

Hi mates,

i know that i can convert a traditional mode vpn using wizard.

So far so good.

Now i have the challenge to convert round about 2000 communities. Which means hard work doing that manually.

Does anybody know any automatism helping here out?
Customer is going nuts thinking about doing all communities manually.

Any ideas and help is highly appreciated

best regards


and now to something completely different
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I am not aware of any automation for this.
It might be worth asking for Professional Services help in a case like this.
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Hey Vincent.


Not sure I understand.

You currently have traditional mode, so i guess we are talking about encrypt rules…

How we came up with the number of 2000 communities?

How many S2S peers do you have?


We don’t need separated community per tunnel. Single Community can generate many tunnels with many peers…

Anyway I would not try to convert each encrypt rule one by one to a community like script is doing.  

I would have understand the topology, map the peers, the encryption settings, NAT, RA to give specific answer so maybe its better to open a ticket and we will take a look.

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