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problem with CRL distribution point address

Dear Checkmates,

we had a problem with the CRL distribution path after migration of a SMS.
We moved SMS from old one to a new machine and changed the hostname and IP-address.

This process was successful, but now we got some problems with VPN between gateways.
The root cause of the VPN problems is a false path in the CRL distribution list point address.Looking in the details of the certificates, there is defined the old path "URL="
Every certificate for gateways will be issued with this path, pointing to the name of the old SMS.

Is there a way to change this path without recreating the internal_CA?

As a workaround we added the DNS name for the old SMS to the gateways hosts file and everything is fine, but we want to solve it basically.



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Re: problem with CRL distribution point address

Pretty sure the only way to change the CRL address is to regenerate the ICA. 

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