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cpwd_admin list overview (SMS)

cpwd_admin list command is mentioned in the thread top 3 CLI commands and is an essential command to know to quickly check that key processes are up and running. I think it's also nice to know what each process are responsible for. RFL, room buddies for life? If you have a standalone installation you can prevent downtime by knowing what to restart and avoid cpstop/cpstart/reboot. 

This shows an example from a security managment server. On a security gateway some of these will also be there but others in addition. If you take a closer look you will see a process called LPD which have another start date/time and nowhere to find what this process do. Can someone explain me what is LPD? I can not find documentation for this process. 

Important to understand each column and its value. 

Column numberExplanation
1APP. Application. Name of process. 
2PID (Process identification number). 
3STAT (status). E-established. T-terminated.
4#START. How many times the process has started since cpwd took control of the process.
5START_TIME. The last time the process started.
6MON. Monitored actively. YES/NO. 
7Command. Used by cpwd to start the process. 

STAT column should have every row with the value E-estab

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