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ED inside General Management Topics 3m ago
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Blocking pornography without https inspection

Hi,Trying to block pornsites like Youporn fails without https inspection in R80.10. "Categorize HTTPS websites" is enabled. Youporn use a * certificate.Is it true that Application control will not be able to block Pornography cate...

Load iso from USB stick for Smart1-210

Hi,I will do a clean install for smart1-210 upgrading to R80.10. I just install the R80.10 iso to a USB stick using isomorphic. So i just want confirm that smart1-201 can read usb stick when its rebooted, and the procedure to load from USB.In the ...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Shared layer installation status in all policy packages

When I create a shared Layer and the original policy is cloned multiple times for modifications (not in the shared layer) and installations on specific gateways:  and if the shared layer changed, published and installed  in one of ...
Blason_R inside General Management Topics 5 hours ago
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Captive portal for linux SSH or Terminal windows

Hi there,Is anyone aware if any mechanism exists to leverage Identity awareness when I would like to pass through Firewall with captive Portal enabled while using SSH or Linux with no GUI Terminal?With browser Yes it's pretty much possible; b...
G_W_Albrecht inside General Management Topics 6 hours ago
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CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

After answering the Deployment Agent Update question, i had an idea towrite a script that handles killing and starting of processes as well as the rpminstallation itself. The process (lifted from sk92449) is as follows: - unpack the DeploymentAgen...
J_Saun inside General Management Topics 6 hours ago
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Deleting old/unused policies - R77 and below. Best practices?

I have multiple firewall management stations (mix of R65, R77 - NO R80). Each fw mgmt station has a bunch of old, unused firewall policies that I wish to remove/delete.I have done some research and am confused about the best way to do it. Below ar...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics 8 hours ago
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Manage Policies and Layers displays incorrect installation targets

icy packages are cloned and edited to specify "Specific Gateway" as target: the installation of the package works correctly:   But the information displayed in the "manage Policies and layers" is wrong: Incorrect targets are shown in "Manag...
G_W_Albrecht inside General Management Topics 12 hours ago
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CPUSE Deployment Agent build 1669 shows a strange image

Blink image of Check Point Now R80.20 Jumbo HF T13 is now available for download. File Name: blink_image_Check_Point_Now_R80.20_JHF_T13.tgz Package Size: 2433.5 MB Release Date: 20-Mar-2019 But what is this ? GW R80.20 3.1 has take 11, a R80.20 JT...

R80.20 Management and vpn domain Edge N

Hello,We plan to update MGMT (MDS) R77.30 to R80.20. This MGMT manages geteways including Edge N/X. Edge N is referred to as supported by R80.20. But when testing we found out that to Edge N not transmitted vpn domain behind central cluster and tr...
Stuart_Green inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Identity Awareness issue

Hi,Strange issue on a customer site with R80.20 cluster (latest JHF) and the logging of User Identities from a Citrix MUH Host.  Current version on the Citrix Hosts is R80.102.0000.The MUH Agent is showing as being connected and users are sho...

Migrate 4400 R80.10 to 5900/6100 R80.10

Hi there,  I am currently scoping out the timings and requirements and basic process for the migration from a 4400 appliance to a replacement device (either 5900 or 6100, pending exec decision) and would like to know if this is something...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Periodic update failures

I am seeing in multiple installations periodic failure of the updates. Most frequent ones are the AB/AV with the message stating that the contract verification has failed due to connectivity issues. As a rule, it resolves by itself in a few hours....
Jesus_Cano inside General Management Topics yesterday
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SMS stucks updating CPUSE

Hi,We are having the same issue always that we update CPUSE from CLI. We run the install from CLI: [Expert@gw-a906d9:0]# rpm -Uhv --force CPda-00-00.i386.rpmPreparing... ########################################### [100%]cpwd_admin:Process DAS...

Cannot Disconnect Session made from API call using Python3

I just recently found this issue before I released a program I have developed in Python. I makes API calls, and makes multiple calls. When I publish the changes it goes through, but when I try to logoff, it gets stocked. If I login again via API a...
Thomas_Eichelbu inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Microsoft Updates KB4487026/KB4485447 stops IA and remote access via RADIUS from working??

Hello Check Mates, i have just received an info from one of my customers.after installing the patches KB4487026/KB4485447 on their domain controllers the identity awarenress stopped working, a yellow exclamation mark in SmartView Monitor...