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General Management Topics

This space is the place to ask questions about Check Point's Security Management Appliances, Security Compliance, Upgrading your Security Management to R80.x, and more!

Mian inside General Management Topics an hour ago
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Application Control Migration

Is there any Check Point tool or document that goes over the process of migrating L3/L4 based rules into Application based rules i.e. to get away from simple port numbers ?  Are there any recommended process or best practices ?  ThanksMian
amitmsh1995 inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Changing the hostname of gateway and policy target in R88.20

Hi,We have R80.20(4600) checkpoint cluster running in production and we have policy package suppose with the name of testfirewall_package and policy target as IIAAACFWECTEST(This is name of cluster firewall).we have approx 100 plus rules in policy package. we are planning to migrate to new checkpoin...
boxis-green inside General Management Topics 5 hours ago
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cpview Management HA

How does cpview gets the information if a Management is configured as HA or not? Greedings.
Tom_Cripps inside General Management Topics 6 hours ago
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Upgrading to R80.30 has caused one fw_worker to be stuck at 100%

Hi,Since our upgrade to 80.30, our standby member in our cluster has had a fw_worker stuck at 100% cpu, it isn't a particular fw_worker it can change, when one drops another one takes it place essentially. We're also now seeing that when we attempt policy installations we lose "GAiA" in essence as i...
nycc3883 inside General Management Topics Friday
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Multiple WAN IP for IPSEC

I have 5 public static IP.1 IP attach cluster, 2 IP attach each member.Remaining 2 IP, i would like to use it as IPsec to serve as primary and secondary.Is it possible? Please advise

Smart Console Cannot log into R80.30 Management Server

For the last several months my team has been unable to reliably log into Smart Console.  We receive the following error messages:"The operation timed out."  and"An error occurred receiving the HTTP response to https://xxxxxxx/cpmws/LoginSvcRemote?wsdl. This could be due to the service endpoint bindi...

SmartTasks-documentation ?!?

Hi,Has anyone been able to find any documentation about the new SmartTasks-feature introduced in R80.40(besides the sparse information in the CP_R80.40_SecurityManagement_AdminGuide.pdf) ?I was hoping to find something at the API-page but not yet... (
inside General Management Topics Thursday
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Automate your everyday tasks with SmartTasks

In R80.40 we introduced SmartTasks, a powerful feature that further expands the openness and extensibility approach. SmartTasks saves admins valuable time by automating routine tasks with pre-defined or customizable actions. A SmartTask is a combination of trigger and action. Triggers are events – c...
inside General Management Topics Thursday
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SmartTask - Validate Session Name Format

  This SmartTask validates that every published session has specific name format. To achieve it, SmartTask runs on each publish operation attempt, extracts the session name format specified in the custom data field and validates it against the actual session name.   You can download the attached Sma...

Management server behind NAT: cannot get logs from one cluster

Hello,R80.40 Management Server behind NAT managing three clusters: two on-site R77.30s and one remote R77.20 (1450 appliances).NAT on the Management is configured as per below:The internal IP of the Management Server is in the subnet shared between two on-site clusters.I have no issues pushing the p...
Jorge_Chavez inside General Management Topics Wednesday
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Migration tool R80.10 to R80.30

Hi,Can someone point me in the right direction?  I'm looking for instructions on where to download migration tools on my SMS, and what the command are to verify.thanks
Rafael_Lima1 inside General Management Topics Wednesday
views 2498 14

Problem after migration to R80.20 - ClusterXL

After migrating from version R80.10 to version R80.20, our cluster presents the following messages.Feb 25 16:40:45 2019 FWINTRA1 kernel: [fw4_1];CLUS-216400-2: Remote member 1 (state ACTIVE -> LOST) | Reason: Timeout Control Protocol packet expired member declared as DEADFeb 25 16:40:46 2019 FWINTRA...
Abdullahi_Said inside General Management Topics Wednesday
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"Failed to connect to database"

Hi I keep on getting an error message "Failed to connect to database" when I select cpconfig>gui client (3). For the management server.It would be much appreciated if anyone could help me.Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌Thank you  
checklock inside General Management Topics Tuesday
views 7325 10 1

Blocking list of domain names (FQDN) with R80.10

I want to block a list of domain names (,,,,, and so forth) using Checkpoint Firewall R80.10. This has proven challenging, though. I want to block the domain names from being resolved at the DNS level, even if it has no IP address as...
Vincent_Bacher inside General Management Topics Tuesday
views 2661 5 5

SmartMove and Cisco Security Contexts

Hello mates,if you have an old Cisco ASA appliance using security contexts, are you able to use SmartMove for migration to Checkpoint? I did not see anything related to that in the knowledge base.Has anybody already done this so far?I believe migrating a cisco asa using security contexts leads to us...