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Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

We would like to Upgrade Mgmt-Server via CPUSE R80.10 Take42 to R80.20. Download from R80.20 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Management" was fine.

After we " Initiating Verifier" we get error message:

There is not enough disk space for installation - Not enough un-partitioned space : Available: 0.00 GB Required: 32.00 GB Free at least 32.00 GB of un-partitioned disk space in order to complete the operation


Our VM Mgmt Server:


LVM overview


Size(GB) Used(GB) Configurable Description

lv_current 32 18 yes Check Point OS and products

lv_log 977 615 yes Logs volume

upgrade 0 N/A no

swap 15 N/A no Swap volume size

free 0 N/A no Unused space

------- ----

total 1024 N/A no Total size


[Expert@zznt01mgmt:0]# df -h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on


31G 18G 12G 60% /

/dev/sda1 289M 24M 251M 9% /boot

tmpfs 4.9G 4.0K 4.9G 1% /dev/shm


948G 615G 284G 69% /var/log


Can anybody help in matter this issue ?


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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

We solve it via LVM Manager to shrink the LOG volume (-50GB). We don't need more disk-space in summary. After then the verifier was fine and we did a successfully upgrade to R80.20.

Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Hi, small tip:

While Check Point always recommends to upgrade in-place with CPUSE, because it's simpler and easier to do, upgrading Security Management Servers from pre-R80.20 to R80.20 and above is recommended with Advanced Upgrade, for the benefit of replacing the file system to the new XFS, which gives performance improvements.

Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Any measurements on how much performance is improved? Relatively speaking of course.

Also, is it possible to switch R80.20 to XFS later on (after it is upgraded)?

Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

When iam about to verify the R80.20 Uppgrade this error is shown.any ideas?

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

As you mention neither Version nor deployment the error shown is inexplicable 😉

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Have you checked the relevant SK from the error message?

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Yes this sk is for upgrading R80.20.M1 to R80.20 GA Iam trying to upgrade from R80.10 to R80.20

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Looks like a warning message, not a blocking message.

What happens when you try to upgrade?

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Upgrade option is disabled, only Clean Install is available....

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

I ran into this recently as well.

What you have to do is the following:

The "upgrade" option should show.

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

I think this would resolve it too, have red the SK there and I´ve seen that the upgrade tools are old in the log files from the DA.

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Hello, I upgrade management and log servers r80.10 to r80.20 witch CPUSE. And I upgrade de active member r80.10 to r80.20 with CPUSE. After reboot, I lost the communication with him (ping, ssh, https). And ClusterXL is :

Active PNOTES: fsync

Last member state change event:

Event Code CLUS-115303

State change : INIT -> ready

Reason for state change : Member with older software release has been detected

What is the best way to upgrade with cpuse when you have a cluster?

If I upgrade the other firewall, will the cluster start working again?

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Take a look at "Connectivity Upgrade" in Install and Upgrade Guide. 

Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

ok, Thanks.

Another question: After the upgrade, I can not icmp, ssh and https on the firewall in standby. How to get around this?

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

The package details are:



The package downloaded successfully

Important Messages:
• While the package is installing, the cpstop and cpstart commands are run
• After the package is installed, the machine reboots
• Upgrade to this version is prohibited. Use clean install.

R80.20, part of the Check Point Infinity architecture, delivers the most innovative and effective security that keeps our customers protected against large scale, fifth generation cyber threats. For more information, see R80.20 Home Page.

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Re: Upgrade Mgmt R80.10 to R80.20

Please obtain the lvm_manager tool via sk95566: Managing partition sizes via LVM manager on Gaia OS.  What does it report for these partitions:

upgrade       77         N/A        no              Reserved for version upgrade

free          -77        N/A        no              Unused space

The "upgrade" raw area of the disk is used for in-place version upgrades and storage of snapshots, my guess is you don't have enough of it.  Or it is possible that the upgrade needs to create a completely new partition from unallocated/free space and there isn't any.  Either way lvm_manager will allow you to poke around and possibly reallocate partitions to give the upgrade process what it wants.  Very important though: always make sure you have a known-good backup prior to tampering with disk partitioning!


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