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Unable to connect to server: R80.10

I am using Check Point Firewall and Smart Device.

Till sometime ago I could able to connect to smart device and see logs through smart console R80.10 application. One day it all stopped working and throws out a message "Unable to connect to server". Now I could not access it by any means, viz. Smart Console; Web Console or CLI (putty).

I need help to restore the connection and check the network activities.


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If everything is gone, ie SSH, WebUI and SmartConsole, then is the Smart Server still actually up and running.

If you ping the Server IP from a local device in the same subnet

A) do you get a ping response

B) If no ping do you see an ARP entry for the Server IP.

Is the LOM Card working ( you haven't said the model so not sure if you have one or if you have is it configured )


Don't know if you are local to the device so can you plug a Console Cable in and get anything, presuming of course that is actually powered up, and hasn't simply had the Appliance Hardware Fail.


As a Smart Device presuming you meant a Check Point Smart-1 Appliance then there would be no Firewall on there to block connectivity.


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Hi mdjmcnally,

Thanks for your reply and really sorry responding late.

The problem is resolved. The culprit was ethernet switch which has failed. When we replaced it things started working fine.

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