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URL/ Applicaiton Filtering

Hi all,

I'm using R80.10. 

The issue I'm facing is that a website that is allowed through URL filtering under "Computer/ Internet" category but being blocked by Application category "Anonymizer".

I'm aware that URL categorisation and Application categorisation are completely separate things and can be checked.

URL categorisation = URL Categorization | Check Point Software Technologies  (account is needed)


App wiki =AppWiki | Check Point Software 



In R77, URL and Application can be categorised separately

but in R80.10, I cannot find any Application categorisation link. The link I found is very generic and for URL only.

Override Categorization for URL 

Could anyone advise on this, please?



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Re: URL/ Applicaiton Filtering

In my view you have 3 course of actions:

  1. If the application exists in the database, add a rule with that application above the "Block Anonimizer" rule, or
  2. If it doesn't exist, create a new URL application object with the desired categories and use that object, or
  3. Create the categorization override.

What happens when you create the override?


Re: URL/ Applicaiton Filtering

Are you trying to allow access? If so place an allow for the application above the block for "Anonymizer"

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Re: URL/ Applicaiton Filtering

In case you would like to suggest a different category to a specific application it can be done via submitting a 'Content Classification' request via the following:

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