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Traffic with CheckPoint?

There are CheckPoint and CheckPoint Appliance, and there are VMs in the local network. It is necessary with Zabbix-a to monitor traffic from CheckPoint-a which goes (incoming and outgoing) to this VM.

On the CheckPoint Appliance in the Monitor tab, there is a Top 10 Source, Top 10 Destination it has traffic from this VM, I suppose you can take it from there via cli (api).

How to do it? Or can I take it another way ?? for example SNMP or something else ???

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Re: Traffic with CheckPoint?

SNMP is the best option. The list of documentation you may want to have is here: Best Practices - SNMP 

Re: Traffic with CheckPoint?

The only way to see the flows to and from specific IP's and the type of traffic is using a Netflow collector.

Regards, Maarten
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