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Three HA-configuration

HI CheckMates,

Can 3 CheckPoint appliances have HA configuration?
They all work with Active-Active-Active.
The appliances also have 3 internal virtual firewalls using Virtual-Ststems.
(3 appliances in 6 logical firewalls)



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Re: Three HA-configuration

For VSX this is a really good VSLS configuration, the VS's will be available on all 3 members, but they will know the following states: Active, Standby and Backup.

On Appliance 1 you have

  • VS1 and VS2 in Active mode
  • VS3 and VS4 in Standby mode
  • VS5 and VS6 in Backup mode

On Appliance 2 you have

  • VS1 and VS2 in Backup mode
  • VS3 and VS4 in Active mode
  • VS5 and VS6 in Standby mode

On Appliance 3 you have

  • VS1 and VS2 in Standby mode
  • VS3 and VS4 in Backup mode
  • VS5 and VS6 in Active mode

hope this helps.

Regards, Maarten

Re: Three HA-configuration



Thank you for your information.




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