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Splat Gateway to R80.10 Gateway (Management is already R80.10)


I would like to know check list for Splat R77.30 Gateway to R80.10 Gateway migration.

Current setup is Distributed deployment.

Management is R80.10 Smart-1 appliance. Gateway is 4800 Splat R77.30.

What kind of preparation list need to do after migrate to R80.10.

Example: Splat R77.30 is no need to configure ProxyArp. but Gaia R80.10 need to configure Proxy ARP for Manual NAT.


anyone advice for migration preparation.




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Re: Splat Gateway to R80.10 Gateway (Management is already R80.10)

Why is your management still in R80.10 and not on R80.20 or R80.30?
Honestly, I'd look at upgrading the management to a newer version first, then upgrade the gateways to the same newer version.

In any case, since your Gateway is on SPLAT, if you want to preserve the OS config, you will first need to migrate to Gaia R77.30 using the following tool:
After that, you can follow the normal upgrade process.
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