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Some small quirks with SmartConsole

This was feedback from one of my admins Smiley Happy Maybe colouring one red would help haha

Is this the most stupid buttons to place right next to each other?

 I am not saying I've accidentally pressed the wrong button.. but one day!!



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Re: Some small quirks with SmartConsole

No additional confirmation if you really want to delete it ?

"You have pressed DELETE button. We know that the position of ADD and DELETE is totally wrong. Did you press DELETE button by mistake ?"

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Re: Some small quirks with SmartConsole

Thank you for the feedback.

Those controls are used to add or remove items from a list, not for deletion.

Moreover, they are usually used inside modal editors (it is possible to hit the cancel button at any time).

We'll see if we could make it more clear for user experience.

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Re: Some small quirks with SmartConsole

R80.20 GA

I had the same with SmartLog when the character "_"  jumpped into the search syntax just like that so ie. when you do a search within the "right click" from the object in output it makes like "ADD to FILTER" -> AND a.b.c.d ... and then it makes the object in a search field - but at the begining the "underline" jumps in. Was wondering if any of you noticed that already ...