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SmartConsole custom menu items

do you know if R&D have a plan to add a "macro"s sub menu on the smart console, that we will be able to run custom scripts from the GUI (context aware)?

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Re: SmartConsole custom menu items

You mean in addition to the “run script” option at the Gateways Overview?

Would you mind sharing specific examples that you will find as useful? We have a project under development, but I want to make sure that it aligns with your request. 

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Re: SmartConsole custom menu items

i wasn't aware of "You mean in addition to the “run script” option at the Gateways Overview?"

i will check it and will update you.

for example if i see something strange on a log and i suspect on a problem with a IA feature for the user / ip. than allow a script to be attached to the context of the right click on a log, and let the script get all the log data.

now the script will be able to do it's thing on the background (ie pdp,pep,adlog a dc) and pop-up a text box with the output.

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Re: SmartConsole custom menu items

Hi, the closest thing that I can offer right now is "IP Tools" context menu when right-clicking a log from the web SmartLog (not within SmartConsole). No need for special SmartEvent license for this functionality.


Re: SmartConsole custom menu items

We do have such a capability, but it is not "official".

If you want to experiment with this do:

cd $RTDIR/smartview/conf

cp /opt/CPrt-R80/tmp/*8082*/webapp/config/cmdContextMenuActions.xml .

cp /opt/CPrt-R80/tmp/*8082*/webapp/config/contextMenuActions.xml .

Edit the contextMenuActions.xml file, and add new actions for log fields, using the same format. For example, to echo the application name, add:


Edit cmdContextMenuActions.xml, and add the command to run for this action:

      <parentMenuName>Application Tools</parentMenuName>
      <command><![CDATA[echo <parameter>]]></command>

<parameter> will be replaced with the actual field value - Application Name in our case.

Restart SmartView:



Share your experience with us.

If anything goes wrong, you can delete those files and restart SmartView again.

Contact me in private if you have more questions.