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Single Management Server?

I am building out a test environment right now and have a question, can a single server act as both the management server and the Endpoint management server?  I built a VM of R80.20 and both the SmartConsole and Endpoint Console work (after enabling Endpoint blade).  Here is why I am asking, I am looking to deploy Endpoint soon, no firewall or VPN yet.  Eventually I will be adding 3 gateways and VPN access.  Do I need a stand alone management server or will the combined MGMT/Endpoint server work?  I realize this is not the best for redundancy, but I work at a very small company.  Thanks for the help.  


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Re: Single Management Server?

I believe this will be possible once R80.20 is GA, assuming your management server is sized appropriately.

However, keep in mind that R80.20 is not GA yet.

Anything you build with the current public EA will most likely have to be rebuilt once R80.20 is released.

We usually do not provide a public EA to GA migration process.

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Re: Single Management Server?

As you are using a VM, this is more a license and not a hardware question. You can use different VMs for SMS and EPSS easily as the hardware is the same as with the combined MGMT/Endpoint server. I would suggest this type of deployment, as  with snapshots you can save the working state for SMS and Endpoint to be able to restore then seperately...