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SMS Backup Fails

Hi All,

Customer is on R80.10 Take 203 on his Smart-1 appliance.

A couple of days ago the scheduled backups started to fail with the following error;

#Environment Error … Aborting
We looked at the logs and noticed the following:
sh: line 7: [: too many arguments

Cannot complete the backup process due to package compression errors.
So we followed sk121212 and downgraded the TAR version from 1.26 to 1.15.1.
But this did not solve our problem.
The compression error is gone in the log, but the only thing we see in the log now is.
Environment Error … Aborting
Anyone seen this before. It does not matter if we run the backup from CLISH, BASH or WebGUI.
There is enough diskspace left, so that is not causing the issue.
Thanks for your help.
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Re: SMS Backup Fails

I would involve TAC here very quickly !

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Re: SMS Backup Fails

Do a show configuration in Clish and migrate export in Bash, install R80.20 (as it's Check Point widely recommended release), restore Clish config, migrate import, backup issue should be solved.

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Re: SMS Backup Fails

This can be caused by creating a file or directory name under $FWDIR or $CPDIR that has an embedded space or other illegal character in it.  When the tar or gzip is happening in those directories the embedded space causes the parsing of command line options to fail and produces an error message like you are seeing.  Try running this command:

find / -name "*\ *" -print

(There is a space between the backslash and the second asterisk)

Note that there are numerous files that legitimately have a space in them that are part of the standard Check Point software distribution (such as for DLP), but be on the lookout for files or directories in this output created by administrators that contain packet captures, cpinfos, debug outputs, etc.  Delete those and it should enable the backup to successfully run.


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Re: SMS Backup Fails


Thanks for the answers. But got a SK from support. SK94444. Strange I did not found this article when searching for 'Environment Error....Aborting', but is was updated just this week.

Seems the /var/CPbackup directory was missing on the customers SMS. By restoring this directory with content from a fresh installed SMS, the backup was working again.