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Review the changes in your current session

Ever wondered what is the session counter stand for? Looking to see what was changed in the session?

r80.10 smartconsole present the session pane‌

The Session pane will help to monitor the changes done in the current session. All you have to do is to enable check point lab‌ (see instruction below). Also, share comments or suggestions through the feedback window ().

Use the following instructions to enable Check Point Lab:

Manage&Settings > Preferences > Check Point Lab > Enable Session pane

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Re: Review the changes in your current session

Hey Ron this doesn't seem to show as an option in our MDS/CMA env. We are on Take 91 with Console on ver 

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Re: Review the changes in your current session


For Multi-Domain users this setting is only available when logging into the MDS Domain. Enabling Session Pane from the MDS Domain will set it for all domains for the Windows client computer that runs SmartConsole.