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Remote Access VPN Certificate Creation

Hi Guys,

I have a  third-party certificate installed in my remote-access VPN firewall for the RAVPN IPSec tunnel and I deleted that firewall from the management server. I backup the server certificate of this firewall and now it is in my local  machine for safekeeping.

Now, I want to add again that firewall to the management server with the same configuration as before.

My question now are,

1. By the time that I deleted this firewall, does the private key of the third-party certificate was also deleted in the management server?

2. If the private key was not deleted, can I just import the third-party certificate that I have to this firewall since the private key is still in the management server?

3. If the private key was deleted at the same time that I deleted the firewall from management server, this means I need to generate again a CSR with the same DN as before?

Thank you.

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My understanding is that removing the object also removes any related certificates, so you'll need to generate a new certificate.