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R80.20 on 12000 Gateways

Good Morning, 


I would like to know if 12000 models can handle R80.20 , we have an office running on a 12k cluster and want to make sure that we aren't going to run into performance issues if we migrate from r77.30 to R80.20.


Basilio Alcantara

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I have clients that run 80.20 on 12300s and those are fine, provided that you have enough RAM.

The only caveat I'd like to mention is that if you are upgrading from R77.XX, fresh install will be much cleaner, if more time consuming.

Have a client who had tons of issues with the cluster of 21400s that were upgraded over the years in place and the only way to stabilize those was to wipe them clean and perform fresh install.

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It all depends what you are doing with them, when you run VSX on them for instance and have 6GB in them I would think about a memory upgrade. My experience this week with one of those boxes was not so happy as you can read in this post.

Regards, Maarten

12400 or better should be fine with R80.20 as long as it has at least 8GB of RAM.  12200 meets the minimum requirements for R80.10+ but will not have a lot of processing power headroom.


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