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R80.10 key indicators


I have just upgraded my firewalls to R80.10 version.

What would be the key indicators to be monitored?

Thank you.


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The easiest things to monitor show in SmartConsole: the CPU and Memory usage.

The command cpview (from the CLI of the gateway) will also give you a bit more details.

See: CPView Utility 

You may want to monitor other environment specific items like interface counters and the like (some of which will show in cpview).

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I guess it's bit late to benchmark something if you already upgraded Smiley Happy i would normally compare CPU (check each core not just average aggregate), memory just as Dameon said, plus concurrent connections, new connection rate, total throughput. Check also acceleration stats. 

I find those good measurements to compare before and after. So you know upgrade has not had severe impact on your traffic.

There are more but this usually is enough

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