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R80.10 SmartConsole: Unable to Connect to Server

Hello,Any help and feedback is much appreciated. I will start by saying that I do have a Checkpoint TAC case open for this but I'm looking into any avenue to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Environment:Management server is a VmWare virtual machine.Manages about 11 Security Gateways along with Policies for FW, URL, APP, HTTPS INSPECTION, THREAT PREVENTION.Upgrade performed from R77.30 to R80.10 in July 2017. - Export was taken and imported into R80.10 along with all of the tools to verify pre-upgrade. - Export was Imported into new VM with R80.10 Build 421 Jumbo Hotfix Take 15 - SmartConsole indicated some validation errors for some objects, but did not hinder operations i.e. policy installations, object creations no issue.Issues begin:Fast forward to 1st week of Oct 2017. The host ESX server the VM runs on was having maintenance performed during a change window. Normally services are gracefully shutdown on this VM, but not in this instance.The Day after:SmartConsole Login: Unable to connect to serverDebugs/Troubleshooting:[Expert@MGTSERVER:0]# fw debug fwm on Cannot signal process fwm (9388), make sure the process is running.: No such process Check status of CPM process: [Expert@MGTSERVER:0]# $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ Check Point Security Management Server is during initialization Check to see if server is up and ready to receive connections: [Expert@MGTSERVER:0]# $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ Checking server status. Please wait... 13:05:52,326 INFO com...
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